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Steve Jobs Master Presenter

No One Needs Permission To Be Awesome

Here are some links to some of Steve Jobs’ Presentations using Apple’s Keynote Presentation Software. He is a master presenter. There is so much that we all can learn from him. He does not use a lot of fancy effects which can distract the viewers attention from what he is both talking about and presenting.

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1) Steve Jobs Unveils iPad 2

2) Steve Jobs Announcing New Macbook Air, Apple October 2010 Keynote

3) Steve Jobs Discusses iPhone 4 Antennae Issue

Steve Jobs Keynote Address WWDC 2010 Handling A Problem With The Wifi Connection

5) MacBook Air Introduction by Steve Jobs

Apple Music Event 2001 - iPod Introduction

iPhone Keynote - Part 1 (Intro)

8) Steve Jobs Demos Apple Macintosh, 1984

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